20, 40, 60, 80 ....

From the day I step in to the working society, I worked very hard, keep on learning and given all the best effort to whichever, whatever and whenever I do to gain token of achievement. I believe that we must look forward to improve instead of looking back to history but sometime when we look back, we found something interesting.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell a story. This story begin....

A husband and wife who live at 80th Floor in one of the condominium in Kuala Lumpur. One fine day when both of them came back from working, they found the whole building's was no electricity (blackout). The wife suggested to his husband to walk up by stair case. Her husband agreed. When both of them reached at 20th floor, the husband suggested that to his wife "Why not we put our begs here at 20th floors so that it won't burden us walking and we can get back our begs once our condominium having back electricity ". His wife said "you are so smart my dear..." so both of them put their begs at 20th floors and continue their walking up to one and another floors much more easier and  freely. When they reached at 40th floors, both of them feel so tired, exhausted and frustrated because they just reached half of 80th floors after an hours walked. Both of them started blaming each others on "why didn't you notice the notification stick on the board?". They started have arguments and feel so unhappy. When they reached at 60th floor, it's almost dry up their energy level. Both of them no more energy to arguing. The husband said "I love you sweetheart, arguing doesn't help us, the only way we can do now is keep on walking up to 80th floors " Through the hardship, body and leg ache ... they finally reached at 80th floors. Both of them so happy at last they reached the destination. The wife told her husband quickly to open the doors and the husband said "I don't have the key". Oh, they realize that the door's keys is in the bag and the bag is at 20th floors.

This story represent our life. From the day we born until age of 20, we are living under taking care by our parents and guidance from our teachers. We do not have any freedom. After that, from the age of 21 and above, Our parents are letting go and let us to decide our future. We are freely to do whatever things we likes for the coming 20 years. When we reached 40 years old, we are soon realize that we have done a lot mistakes and feel regret. We started to complain this is not good and that is unfair. It's seems like the whole world is owing you. When we reached age of 60, we do not have much time left, we are no longer want to complaint. In facts, we are appreciate each years and hoping a peaceful life. When we reach the age of 80, we are almost reaching end of life cycles, looking back to our history, we realize that we had left out our dreams at the age of 20 and doesn't achieve it.

I will not follow this husband and wife, I will keep on working passionately and giving 100% effort towards my dreams until my last breath. I will make sure that I will do the checking of my history to avoid any left out of my dreams. How about you?

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